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We offer you one amazing offer that you will not get anywhere else. Our company has joined up with other investors and we can offer you on certain properties to buy a house or land over a period of five years at 0% interest.

So, if you are thinking of buying land, houses in Bulgaria, why not buy from us and spread the costs over five years. This is a golden opportunity to make the best investment ever. In five years your property could be worth double or even treble for what you have paid.

While you are buying the house, we could even modernise it for you so you can use it as a holiday home and you would save thousands not booking holidays in hotels. We can do this because we have teamed up with different sellers who are investors who have bought property a long time ago. These investors now sell the properties at today's value of the properties so you don't pay higher values on any of these properties. This is a great way to get into the property market and start a portfolio. We can advise on the best properties to buy for investments for the future. If you are thinking of modernising the properties or just holding on to them, this offer will run through 2015.

If you would like to view any of the properties in person, please get in touch. The properties we can offer like this have a green circle O next to them. Once you have chosen a property in Bulgaria or direct from our site, the next step is to sign a contract. The contract is in Bulgarian with English translation next to it so you know what you are signing. The contract is drawn up with your own solicitor not the seller's. We can help you with this in getting you a solicitor to draw a contract up. You will need to pay for this and the cost is £150. The cost for signing the property over in five years will be the cost at that time and we can then get you a solicitor and you can compare it with other prices. When signing the property over you would need to pay 2% notary charge but this is paid only when signing over.

Please, see below a typical example what you will need to pay now if you decide to buy this property with us over five years. The price of the property below is £8,999. A 20% deposit is required on all properties, plus 2% commission no less than £350.

20% deposit £1,799.80
2% commission £350
Solicitor's fee £150
Total: £2,299.80

The rest owing £7199.20 split by 60 months equals to £119.99 per month.

Area:40sqm Garden:500sqm Ref.No.Vch10

The property

The road

Description: A very cheap property in the heart of Bulgaria to modernise to your own design. The property is ideally situated in Bulgaria as it is only thirty minutes drive to Plovdiv airport and only one hour drive to Sofia the capital of Bulgaria. If you would like to go skiing, this property could be for you as Batak Lake is only forty minutes drive away plus Borovets ski resort is under an hours drive. And if you want to just jump on a bus you can in the centre of the village and go to the nice town of Pazardzhik. Or why not go and visit Velingrad another forty five minutes drive.
The property we offer is 40sqm living area but you have another 40sqm of loft space that could be made into more rooms. With the help of our builders the house could be made to any size you want with planning and our team will help with this. The property has got two rooms running water and electric. There is a toilet outside but one could easily be put inside. The house was built in 1980 and is solid as it is made of brick and concrete and never finished but this is in mind for the price we offer it for. The windows are wood and in the loft are thick beams that would look great cleaned up. You also have a chimney in the house for heating in the winter. The floors are made of concrete so it is sound proof from the above floor, which makes it great if you have small children. The septic tank was renewed a few years ago so you don’t have to worry about this.
In the village you have small shops a school plus a doctor and a dentist. If you like to be close to mountains and forests then this area could be good for you and is known for fresh air and is good for people with breathing problems.
The house comes with a nice garden of 500sqm giving you enough room to build a large extension plus a swimming pool. Properties don’t come on the market very often here for this price as the average price of property here is much higher so this is your chance to buy cheap in a nice area.
You can book your flight to Sofia and we can pick you up and show you around. We can also book you a hotel at a very reasonable rate of 40 euro for a double room with breakfast with your own bathroom. Our team of solicitors will help you all the way in buying the property. You can secure the property with a 20% deposit plus costs.

Part of the garden

One of the rooms


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