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Land and house in a friendly village

Area: 40sqm Garden: 1200sqm


Price: £7,600

Description: If you are thinking of building your own property in Bulgaria, you should read on. We can offer you a massive piece of building land of 1200sqm. The land has already got a small house on it. If you buy this land, you could get permission to build up to three properties with swimming pools. We will help you from day one from showing you the land to taking you to the builder and talking to you about your ideas. We will get you your own solicitor who will buy the land for you. Once you own the land, we can help you get the project made and the builders will do all the planning for you in the town hall. Once the permission is granted, we will give you a price on all the building work. This is a great opportunity to make a good profit, as it’s an ideal piece of building land for investors or for a family. This land is in the same village as the owner’s house of Bulgariavillasartcove and the modernised project on our front page of our website. The village has got shops, a café, a school three km away plus a bus route to the town of Pazardzhik. It is only one hour from Sofia airport and Borovets ski resort plus Batak Lake where you will find now two ski slopes. And why not visit the second largest city in Buglaria Plovdiv only forty minutes away. In the village you will get a warm welcome and the mayor of the village will help you in every way. If you like fishing, you can fish in the river only one km away and there are many places of interest where you can go out for the day. We have now sold five properties in the village to English clients and we expect this to rise over the next year. The village is only small but close to the town of Pazardzhik and it’s ideal if you want to let your children out to play knowing they are safe.

If you are interested in this land you can secure it with a 20% deposit plus costs. Why not book your flight to Sofia and we will pick you up and arrange a hotel for you. Our staff speaks English and will look after you and at the end of your stay, if you don’t buy from us, the only cost to you is your hotel. When you come out why not let us show you the work of the builders and why not speak to clients who have already bought property from us. The price of £7,600 for the land is nothing for where it is and if you visit the place, you will want to come back time and time again. Do you know that if you buy this land and just want to hold on to it, it will only cost you around £10 for the year in council tax?

The surrounding wall


The land and house

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