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Property at a bargain price

Area: 60 sqm Garden: 2256 sqm


Price: £6,900

Description: Wow, what a property we have for you today! If you are looking to buy a property and don’t have a big budget, this property is for you. If you are in the business of trying to make money buying property, this could be for you as the new owners are sure to make a profit on the property. The property is very old and needs a lot of work but our large team of builders can give you a reasonable price on any building work you want doing. The property has got four rooms in total and a living area of 60sqm. There is water and electric to the house and a phone line could be fitted, if the new owner wished. The property was built in 1920 and a chimney is in the house for heating in the winter. This is a very nice village where we have now sold three houses to English families. The village has got shops and, if you don’t want to drive, you can jump on the bus in the centre of the village to the town of Pazardzhik. The property is ideally situated to get to places and to let out to tourists. This property is close to Sofia airport, Borovets ski resort plus Batak Lake and Plovdiv as these are all around one hour away. Not only do you get the property for the price of £6,900 but also you get a well in the garden plus a barn and the garden is one of the biggest in the village as it’s massive giving you an area of 2256 sqm. There is enough room here to build four new properties with swimming pools, if you wished. This is ideal for an investor, if they wanted to build new houses, as it’s a good area of Bulgaria to sell property and the price is just great to make money. If you decide to build new houses, we can do everything for you from getting you planning to getting the houses built for you.

You can secure this property with a 20% deposit plus costs. Or why not book your flight to Sofia where we will pick you up and arrange a hotel for you. We will take you look at this property and others you are interested in before you decide. And if you buy, we will arrange for you to see your own solicitor who will act for you to buy the property. Once you own the property, don’t worry, we will help you in every way.

Part of the massive garden

One of the rooms


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Views from the property

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