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Travel Arrangements

Our company is a family run business, so you can get that personal touch.

We are around one hour drive from Sofia airport. You can get a taxi from the airport but, sorry to say, taxis are not cheap. On average you will be talking around £60 one way. You can also book your own car and they will be at the airport waiting for you. Or, a train can be taken to Pazardzhik from Sofia.

We can pick you up from the airport for £35 each way. Please note, this needs to be paid for in advance. This is for 4 people and 2 suitcases. A child seat can be provided, please inform us when booking.

It will depend on time of the year you come who will pick you up. We will inform you when asking us to pick you up. If you decide to come with our company to look at property, please let us know before booking your flight to be sure someone can show you around.

You can book your own hotel in Pazardzhik, or we can arrange this for you. A deposit is required when we book it. An average room is 30 Euros a night for a double room.


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