Our day trips out around Bulgaria in July and August 2007 with some of our clients

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If you buy property with us, why not come along on some of our trips. You need to have your own car, which you can hire from Pazardzhik, which we can arrange for you or if it's a small party, why not share the costs with another party. We do on average each year around 15 trips to various places. The cost is nothing to you only your car and your petrol, food and entry fees in some cases. We have regular barbecues which cost you nothing so why not meet clients in the region where we sell properties - Pazardzhik district - and have some fun.


Our first trip was to the Yagodina Cave in the Rodopi Mountain. The cave is located 200 m below ground level, the temperature is 6°C throughout the year. The Yagodina Cave is the longest cave in Bulgaria – 8 km with a lit up section and beautiful formations - stalactites and stalagmites. For each stalactite to grow 1 cm takes 100 years. There is a unique prehistoric settlement dating back from the late eneolythis – approximately 4000 BC. There are several fireplaces and pottery sets left. Entry cost for a family of four is 12 levs, a single ticket costs 4 levs and it takes around 40 min to walk through the cave. For ax extra charge of 10 levs you can have a guide in English.

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On the way to Yagodina Cave we stopped at the Vucha Lake. This magnificent lake is nestled in the Rodopi Mountain in the south of Bulgaria on 680 m above sea level. The lake is on the river Vucha, which is one of the longest rivers in south Bulgaria. The lake itself is over 30 km long and one of the deepest in Bulgaria. In the lake waters you will find white fish, perch, carp, which makes it a very attractive place for fishermen. There are some lake dwellings in the lake. You can stay overnight in one of the good hotels situated around the lake.

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Our next trip was to the small museum town of Koprivshtitsa. Situated in the region of Sushtinska Sredna Gora in the valley of Topolnitza River, this town is unique with its cobblestone alleys, houses painted in bright colours with big verandahs and picturesque eaves. There are 6 houses-museums that can be visited for the price of 5 levs per adult and 2 levs per child for all six. These house have unique architecture and you can enjoy the olden days Bulgarian ambience in them as well as the beautifully landscaped gardens. This place is a must to visit by every foreigner.

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Our next trip was to Batak and Dospat Lakes high in the Rodopi Mountains. Dospat Lake is the highest artificial lake in Bulgaria situated at 1200 m above sea level in the Western Rodopi. With its massive area of 22,000,000 sqm of water area it is ideal for fishing and water sports. Its waters are rich in different types of fish - carp, trout, perch, chub, etc. There are number of hotels where you can stay to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of this lovely spot. More about Batak Lake you can find out on the Home page. On the way to Batak and Dospat Lakes we stopped and walked up to Snezhanka Cave which is very high in the mountain and cannot be accessed by car.

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Our next trip was a two days trip to North Bulgaria. On the first day our first stop was the town of Shipka and in particular the church near the town. The golden domes and the green and pink coloured facade of the church loom against the mountains and attract the attention of the travellers in the Shipka passage. The project design following the seventeen-century Russian church architecture with arks, friezes, pediments, and gold-plated ornaments, was the work of the Czech architect A. I. Tomisko. The main entrance has three arks, topped off with the distinctive 50m-high spire of the bell tower. There are 17 bells, the heaviest of them weighs about 12 t.

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Our next stop was the Shipka Monument situated on the ridge of the Stara Planina Mountain. This is the highest part of Shipka passage connecting South and North Bulgaria. The monument was built in memory of the thousands Bulgarian and Russian soldiers who died in the Russian-Turkish liberation war. The monument is 31.5 m high and to get to it you have to walk up 894 steps. Just under the monument there's a nice complex of cafes and restaurants where travellers can stop for a break and enjoy a drink or a traditional Bulgarian meal. There are also a few hotels in the area where you can stop for the night. The Shipka Monument is one of Bulgaria's most famous landmarks and a special place to every Bulgarian.

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Our next stop from the North Bulgaria trip was the Ethnographic Complex "Etar" a few kilometres from the town of Gabrovo. This is a lovely working museum, where you can see traditional Bulgarian architecture from the Renaissance period as well around 50 crafts shops and exhibitions. The atmosphere here is very pleasant and relaxing. You can stay overnight in the hotel which is located by the entrance. To find out more about the complex and its history you can visit its website (for English version click on Welcome in the right hand menu)

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Our next stop was the town of Veliko Tarnovo. The town is situated amphitheatrically on 4 hills - Tsarevets, Trapezitsa, Momina Krepost and Sveta Gora, the ridges of which were indeed the deeply inclined steep banks of the Yantra river meanders. Tsarevets was the capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom in XII century AC. Today Veliko Tarnovo is a modern town with a lot of shops, cinemas, theatre, a lot of nice hotels where you can stay overnight. If you go on the Home page right-hand menu, you will find more information about Veliko Tarnovo on our special page dedicated to the town.

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On the way back we stopped for a couple of hours in the small village of Bozhentsi, which is an ethnographic complex with preserved architecture dating back from 100 to 250 years. It is located 16 km east of the town of Gabrovo in a beautiful valley. Here you can chill out in one of the numerous traditional Bulgarian restaurants, taste Turkish coffee in the cozy little cafes or just walk round the cobbled streets, which make you forget about the modern world. There are a few lovely hotels where you can spend the night.

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Our last trip was to the spa resort of Velingrad. It is a small but very beautiful town in the Rhodopi mountain, famous for its mineral water springs. Every year thousands of tourists come to the town for its 80 mineral springs, mild climate and beautiful nature. It offers ideal conditions for recreational tourism. The average summer temperature is from to 20°C to 25°C. One of the most famous landmarks of Velingrad is the natural carst lake Kleptuza. If you go on the Home page right-hand menu, you will find more information about Velingrad on our special page dedicated to the town.

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