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A cafe for sale at a reasonable price

Area: 90sqm Garden: 20sqm



Description: Are you thinking of moving to Bulgaria and would like to run your own café, if so, this could be the property for you. There are over 1000 people living in this village and a small café like this could do well. The café was running up to twelve months ago but the owners were old and moved out the area to live with the family so it’s just come on our books. It is in a lovely place and in time a lot of tourists may pass here as it opens up more to the world, as it’s only 18km away from Batak Lake ski resort. The views from here are stunning as it’s high in the mountains and this is a great place for holidays. In the village are shops, a school plus a dentist and a doctor and, if you don’t want to drive, there is a bus route from the centre of the village. The café is right next to a river and at the side you have 20sqm of land to put a few tables and chairs. The café is in total 90sqm having three rooms and it’s got two toilets. You have electric and water in the café and a phone line could be added. The property does need updating but once done you could make a living. Our builders could give you a price on any work you want doing and this could be done before you decide to buy the property. There are four large towns close by Batak 18km Peshtira 27km plus Pazardzhik 50km and the second largest city in Bulgaria Plovdiv 85km away. The property was built in 1992 by the owners now, so it’s done well in the past and it could do well in the future.

If you book your flight to Sofia, we will pick you up and arrange a hotel for you. We will show you around this property and others you may be interested in. If you decide to buy with us, we will arrange for you to see your own solicitor who will act for you so things run correct from start to finish. We don’t get properties like this very often and the price is very reasonable and you can secure the property with a 20% deposit plus costs.

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