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Cost of buying a house and the law


The law has now changed in Bulgaria. An English person can buy a house with land and they do not need to set up a company if the property is to be used for self purposes. If you decide to buy more than one property or start a business in Bulgaria, then a company must be set up in the courts. Please note, if you decide to only buy one house, the property cannot be let out as this is classed as a buy to let and in this case you need to set a company up.

To open a limited company up you need to open a bank account in any bank and deposit £1. This can be done in leva or pounds or Euro accounts. You will need a company name. The solicitor and court cost plus register the company comes to £675. Once this is set up, you can buy property and set up a business, plus you can buy as many houses as you like and also can set up different companies.


Every year you need to do your accounts for the business. Our accountant will charge depending on the size of the business. For example, if you own one property at the moment the charge is £245 plus £48 for each additional property. For different types of businesses, we could get you a quote from the accountant, so please get in touch if you need one. If you run a business, accounts need to be done on monthly basis like here and a tax return to be submitted every year.

Please note, Bulgariavillasartcove. com are not responsible of anyone's book-keeping or tax returns, as this is done between the client and the accountant, but we can translate letters. We are just mediators between clients and accountant and we do not charge for advice on tax laws and running a business in Bulgaria, but note this in only advice and every person is responsible for their own company and we always recommend you to get advice from a lawyer.

The cost to you once you decide to buy:

  1. £1.00 for opening a company (Does not apply of you buy one property for personal use)
  2. £675.00 to open the company in the courts and solicitor's fees plus to register the company (Does not apply of you buy one property for personal use)
  3. Commission is 2% of the sale not less than £350.00
  4. Solicitor's cost for buying the house and all checks plus court cost to register the house in your name is £350.00
  5. Stamp duty on the house for the notary and government is 2% on the property price.
  6. All documents are translated before signing. After the purchase, if you want your deeds translated, this will cost you £20 per standard A4 page.



640 (optional, see above)

TOTAL 8,880 (add £640 with company)

Once you see the property you want to buy

If you decide to go ahead and you see the property you want, you can secure it with a 20% deposit. At this stage you must be sure you will not pull out of the the sale or you will lose the deposit. Once we receive the 20% deposit this goes to the solicitor who will pay the seller with a contact so the seller cannot pull out of the sale. If they then say they do not want to sell the house, they cannot, as they have signed so you are secure by paying the 20%. At this stage the solicitor needs the company name if you are buying more than one house or a company or want to set up a business. If you are only buying one house, you will not have to pay the solicitor the company set up fees. If you are setting the company up at this stage, then you need to pay the company fees.

The company papers are signed by you at this stage. This can be done in Bulgaria or it can be done in the Bulgarian Embassy in London. If you decide to do it in London, they will charge you for signing the documents. Then you will need to send the documents direct to the solicitor in Bulgaria.

If you buy without a company, then on average it takes around 8 weeks to complete the sale from the date the solicitor gets the deposit. If you buy with a company, then around ten weeks. Once the solicitor has all the papers ready he will then start the sale and set the company up. Once all documents are ready for the sale, a date will be given. The rest of the money needs to be with the solicitor before this date so he knows the sale can go ahead so he can inform the seller to move out before this date. The buyer and the seller do not need to be in the solicitor's office on this date unless you state you want to be present. The keys will be waiting for you on the sale date and can be picked up from the solicitor's office or we will hold them if the buyer passes them on to us. These can be sent to you in England or you can pick them up.

Once you have bought the property we just don't forget you. As we can advise you in every way from telling you where you can go on nice trips out, good restaurants, where to buy things from and much more.

Building work

We can advise you on all building work you need doing on your property and even find you a builder. We do not charge you a fee for any advice after you have bought from our company.


We can advise you on schools, colleges for your children and anyone thinking of moving full time to Bulgaria, we can help and advise on all aspects.


If you buy a real estate in Bulgaria, you must know there is a tax estimation price and a purchase price. Some Bulgarian vendors may want the tax estimation price on the deeds for tax purposes and not the selling price. The tax estimation price which goes on the deeds is much lower than the purchase price. cannot be responsible for this. We can negotiate with the vendor if you give it us in writing before the 20% deposit is paid to the vendor. We give free advice on the above, so please email us ©Copyright 2004-2014, Artcove Ltd., Bulgaria. All rights reserved. The page is maintained by VS