Some pictures from our sightseeing trips around Bulgaria in July and August 2012 and 2013

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July 2012 - Trip to the old historic towns of Koprivshtitsa and Panaguyrishte



Koprivshtitsa is a very polpular tourist place. Hundreds of thousands of visitors come here every year to enjoy the amazing traditional Bulgarian architecture and relax in the peace and quietness of this small mountain town. There are plenty of good quality hotels, cafes and restaurants, where you could stay overnight and dine at affordable prices.



Did you know that every five years a big international folklore festival takes place in Koprivshtitsa with participants from all over the world? The next one is due in the summer of 2015.



July 2012 - Trip to the Bulgarian capital Sofia



Did you know that you can get a flight to the Bulgarian capital Sofia from nearly every airport in the UK? The flight lasts around three hours and, once you arrive in Bulgaria, you need to to put your watch forward by two hours.



The Bulgarian capital is a modern European city whith rich culture and amazing architecture. There are lots of places to visit and if you like shopping you will find most big fashion chainstores here as well as supermarkets, garden centres, world famous hotels and also huge choice of bars and restaurants for a good night out.




August 2013 - Trip to the town of Sozopol on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast


Sozopol is one of the most popular Bulgarian coastal resorts. The town has old and contemporary parts - both very pretty and worth seeing. It has very interesting ancient history as well as long sandy beaches, pretty luxurious hotels, bars and restaurants. Great place for a summer break!




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