Batak Lake and Tsigov Chark Resort - an oasis in the Rhodopes Mountain

Afternoon view of the lake

The big summer invasion of tourists to the Black sea coast and the huge construction works which changes these resorts make the nature lovers quit the big water and prefer the lakes. The combination mountain- water offers great conditions for full value relax and a person can find wonderful places to arrange their holiday among peace and tranquility. After such a holiday you will feel really reborn, which is the real sense of a vacation.
Batak Lake is surrounded by the rivers Batashka, Chepinska and Rakitovska, situated between the southern parts of the Rhodopes flat - forestry sites and the northern slopes of Batak Mountain. This whole part is covered with high thick forests and endless pastures. Mineral springs flow at places. The air is fresh and gives out a sweet perfume of herbs. The lake is formed by the waters of Matica River, a feeder of Chepinska River. Batashki Snezhnik is the second highest peak in the region; it is just a hundred meters lower than Goliama Sutkia. It will take you three hours to climb it. The foot of these peaks where the mountain reaches the water mirror of Batak lake form beautiful bays.

The resort is just 8 kilometers away from the town of Batak, 24 kilometers away from Velingrad and 40 km from the major district town Pazardzhik.The capital Sofia is 160 km away.

Useful information about the resort Tsigov Chark
In Roman alphabet: Tsigov Chark
In Bulgarian Alphabet:
Location: South Central Bulgaria
Altitude : 900 - 1100 above sea level
Region : Pazardzhik district
Municipality: Batak municipality
Post code of area of Tsigov chark: 4600
Phone code of Area of Tsigov chark: 0359 from Bulgaria, 00359359 from abroad.


The resort Tsigov Chark is situated 900 1100m above sea level on the banks of Batak Lake and offers excellent conditions for tourism in summer as well as in winter. The new ski track "Tsigov Chark" works in winter. It is an excellent opportunity for skiing far away from the expensive and luxury resorts. In the vicinity of the resort a number of chalets and hotels are located amidst the beauty and the crystal clean air of the Rhodopes Mountain.

The Batak Lake is attractive site for camping fans, because they can spend the night in tents or caravans at marked sites.

The beauty and calmness of the mountain attract many tourists.
The resort around the lake is open through the whole year.

The ski piste

Three of the most important Bulgarian bio reserves are situated nearby. Deer, hinds, foxes and cocks of the wood live there. It is possible to meet bears. The forests are a mixture of white pines or spruces. Most of the threes are more than 40 meters high and 1 meter round.


View from the ski piste to the lake



The town of Batak

The town of Batak has 4488 inhabitants and is situated 1036 metres above sea level on the northern foothill of the Batak Mountain (Western Rhodopes), along the two banks of the Stara Reka River.The town offers all major amenities, it has got a lot of shops, schools, a college, doctors surgery and dental surgery, hotels, pubs, cafes. The name of this little historical town is sacred for every Bulgarian. It is a symbol of martyrdom and self-sacrifice in the name of freedom!




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