Luxury tree bedroomed villa on three floors, two bathrooms,a separate toilet, a swimming pool, a barbeque


Area: 180 sqm
Garden: 798 sqm
Price: £84,999

This project we offer you is a property in the village of Pamidovo only 16km from the lovely town of Pazardzhik. The village has got four shops, a cafe, a doctor, a dentist comes once a week in the village. Itís got a bus route direct into Pazardzhik if you donít want to drive and the local school is only three km away if you have small children. Just one km away there is a large river and a small lake which are great for fishing. The village is famous for the grapes and the wine that is made in the village is sold all over Bulgaria.

The mayor of the village wants more English people to move in the village and we can introduce him to you. He helps the village in many ways and we are seeing this over the last year. He has plans to put in for grants to do more for the village.

This property is situated in an ideal spot overlooking the mountains plus only one hour from Sofia airport and Borovets ski resort. And forty minutes drive you can be in Plovdiv and Batak lake where you will find two ski slopes. You have best of both worlds here in a village where is great to bring a family up or just jump in a taxi to Pazardzhik where it will cost you £7.00. In Pazardzhik you will find modern hospitals, colleges, hundreds of shops, supermarkets, large DIY shops, cafes and night life plus much more. This property will come with its own swimming pool, three bedrooms, two bathrooms so you will not have any problem renting this property out. Not only in the summer but in winter months for skiing so you are sure to get a good return on your investment.

We offer this property for £84,999

If you would like to view the property, why not book your flight to Sofia. Before you decide to buy we will show you not only the house but the area. If you would like to secure the property you can with a 20% deposit plus costs. The costs are only £370 solicitor and notary charge 2%. We charge 2% commission on you buying any property from us but if you see a green circle on top of the page you donít pay this. In this case you do not pay this so the price is final. You need to go to Bulgaria to sign the documents to start the process or the papers can be sent to you by the solicitor and they must be signed in the Bulgarian Embassy in London. The final amount the 80% must be paid on signing the deeds over. Anyone paying a deposit on this property would lose the deposit if they pull out so you must be sure before any money is sent. A contract will be sent to you once you decide to buy the property and it must be signed and the deposit sent.

We hope you enjoy seeing the property in progress and if you want to know anything about it please get in touch. We are giving you an idea of the work that is being done on the property so you know what you are buying. We can change a few things once the deposit is paid such as the colour of the inside or you could pick your kitchen tiles and so on. This can only be done if the work has not been done and you secure the property. These works have a set amount of money to them so anyone wishing to have a more expensive kitchen can do if they pay the difference. We can talk to you about these costs.

These are the lists of work being done on the property:

1. Swimming pool 7 metres x 3.50 metres. This has got a light in the pool with a one metres stoned border around the pool with lights. It is a self-cleaning pool so you need to do nothing with it to clean it.

2. The barn at the back of the house taken down to wall height.

3. The old buildings at the back of the house plus toilet taken down.

4. Render the wall around the house on one side using meshing then tericol in white.

5. Use the old tiles from the roof barn for top of the wall and use lime cement to fix them.

6. 30cm up the wall use stone to match the pool area.

7. Twelve wall lights will be fitted.

8. Lawn the garden.

9. To have security on the garden. The charge for this is 40 leva a month this is for the house plus garden. We will pay for the alarm for the garden plus house and pay the security for one year from signing the deeds. After this we can arrange payments for you through your bank, if you want security. The equipment is included in the property price.

10. There is a small house in the garden apart from the main house. This is to be used as a storage room for the pump for the pool. This is the list of works to be done on it:

11. Take off the roof, refelt, put old tiles back as they are good, render the outside plus inside and put new window door in, electric points plus light. Stone 30cm high to match the pool area wall and the walls done in tericol the same as the surrounding wall.

12. To make a small barbeque area with a barbeque.

The above works will be carried out with stage two of the build. Stage one is as it follows:

13. Taking off the roof,chimneys, wooden construction to the brickwork.

14. Making the floors in the loft conversion.

15. Building up the walls for the wooden construction for the third floor. Adding a concrete belt for support of the third floor.

16. Making a wooden construction of the inside walls.

17. Making of the wooden construction of the roof.

18. Making of a wooden construction under the tiles.

19. Insulation for the roof and felt the roof.

20. Tile the roof using new tiles not using cement but special material bramac.

21. Fascias around the roof.

22. Guttering around the roof.

23. Fitting windows.

24. Build two balconies leading out from the two large bedrooms on the third floor.

25. You walk into the house up the stairs to the second floor as it is now. The basement will be bricked up and two new sets of stairs will be fitted inside the property.

26. Plasterboard around the stairs with insulation.

27. Take out all the floors in the basement, use insulation put new floors in so itís one level.

Stage two is the garden plus as follows:

28. Rewiring of the house. This will include electric sockets in the rooms with spot lights in all the rooms, a main box plus a new box for the outside of the house. The electric will also have three phase for the pool and outside. This will be to a high standard and checked by the electric board in Bulgaria to be passed.

29. Plasterboard the whole house walls and ceilings.

30. The house will be insulated in the walls ceilings plus all the floors.

31. Painting all the rooms in white.

32. Building of a septic tank.

33. Putting in the alarm security in the house and the small house.

34. Electric heaters in the two bathrooms.

35. Outside insulation of the property.

36. Render the house in white with tericol.

37. Use cladding around the house same as the pool and wall one metre high.

38. Bathroom on the ground floor - shower cubicle, toilet, hand basin. Each bathroom will have tiled floor plus tiles half way up the wall.

39. Bathroom on the second floor - bath, toilet, bidet, sink.

40. Tiled floors all through the house.

41. Wooden skirting board through the house painted in white.

42. New wooden doors with locks on each.

43. New windows.

44. Staining of doors windows in oak plus stairs.

45. Removing the over porch over the gate and the old building next to the house.

46. Put in a concrete belt in the bathroom on the second floor plus plumbing in the house.

47. Change the wooden flooring on the second floor.

48. Cladding on the outside stairs.

49. Put in a new kitchen.

50. Taking down part of the wall in the kitchen-dining room to build an arch.

51. To remove all the rubbish from the house.

On the third floor there are two large bedrooms (or a large bedroom and a large living room) and a toilet with a wash basin. On the second floor there is a large bathroom, a large kitchen-dining room. And on the ground floor there is a large bathroom with two more large bedrooms.

If you would like to make an offer on this property before the garden is complete, please get in touch.

You can also purchase this property on the agreed price over a period of time on a 0% interest basis with a 10% deposit down plus costs.

Pictures below from the existing property


The photographs below show the work on: * The roof construction is being taken off to brickwork and prepared for starting the loft conversion * The small side building has been knocked down to wall level * The gate roof has been taken off and prepared for fitting the new roof * On the ground floor the floors are being dug and leveled before insulation is put on.

The photographs below show work on: *building up the third mansard floor with lovely views *knocking down the separating wall for the open space kitchen-diner-living room area * the insulating of the ground floor and laying the concrete *inside and outside plumbing of the house


Below are photographs from the work on the roof construction.





The pictures below show work on the outside insulation of the mansard floor and the dormer windows.

We have decided that it will be better to add an extra toilet with sink on the third floor, the window can be seen on the third picture below. This is included in the price and will make the house four bedroomed, with two bathrooms and a toilet.

The pictures below show work carried out on the balconies and French doors

The pictures below show an update on the work done outside - surrounding wall and little house; inside - the toilet on the third floor and the stairs.

The pictures below show the work carried out on different sections of the house. Outside - surrounding wall, gate, barbeque area, small house, external insulation, rendering and underpinning; inside - internal insulation, plaster boarding and wiring.



The photographs below are an update on the work on the outside and inside of the property.

The pictures below are an update on the work carried out on the property, January 2008



Update April, 2008


Pictures page 2



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