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A nice country bungalow in a good village

Area:64sqm Garden:1000sqm



Description: If you are looking for a bargain look no further you have found it. We offer this property at a price where we know you can make a profit. This is an old property but we are not just selling the house for the price of £7,080 you also get a very large garden of 1000 sqm and if you wished the property could be knocked down to make way to have a new property built with a swimming pool. You also have room to build another property plus modernise this property and even make it into a flat say for your family to stay. The total living area of the property is 64sqm on one floor consisting of a corridor and two rooms plus a cellar. It’s got water and electric to the house so building another property or an extension is not a problem with our team of builders helping you all the way. The ceilings, floors and windows are all made of wood. You are close to the mountains here and in the village you will find shops and a bus route to the larger towns where you will find everything. The population of this village is three hundred and fifty making it a small village. This is a village where it’s laid back in time and would suit someone who wants a slow way of life in a friendly place and where you can leave your door open and let the children go play anywhere in the village on their own. On two sides of the property you will find houses with large gardens on the other a road and the last a small river. The house is in the centre of the village but does not feel like this when you are there because all the houses here have large gardens making it very private. Our opinion is this is a house that could make you a profit and it’s a nice place to live, if you want a relaxed life. You can secure the property with a 20% deposit plus costs. Why not book your own flight to Sofia airport where one of our staff will pick you up and show you around the property and others you may be interested in. We help you all the way from showing you the property taking you to the solicitor and once you own the property we can help you with builders. Some people worry about how they would pay bills on the property once they have bought their house. You don’t need to worry about things like this because all the bills we show you how you pay them and we also take you to the water board and electric board and if you wish we can pay these for you in the future and we don’t charge for this service.

Inside the property

The kitchen

One of the rooms

The village

The road to the property



Part of the garden and the property

The house

The front



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