This is a project that we are working on to show our clients

We aim to show the quality of the builders' work and the cost of building work.

We will be adding photographs of the work as it progresses.

This is the house that will be modernized. It is located in a quiet, picturesque village in south Bulgaria.
The house was built in 1943 and has at present a living area of 100 sqm and a big garden of 1420 sqm where a swimming pool will be built.

The pictures below show the project made by our architect for renovating and extending the house.

When finished the living area will be 170 sqm.

The project includes extending the house and passing it in the town hall. The property is on a stone base with a wooden construction and the project also includes a wooden construction on the third new floor. With building a third floor, we have to underpin the property. Apart from that we will be building a swimming pool, a water fountain, a stone walkway and a driveway. The price will also include a 2 metre high stone wall all around the property and two large gates to a garage that will be made from part of the existing barn. The existing lumber house will be fully modernized and will be used for storage. One of the biggest expenses so far is the wall as we are building it 60 cm thick. The swimming pool will be self-cleaning so this will almost double the cost of an ordinary pool.
The existing rooms on the main floor will be knocked through into a big open plan living, dining and kitchen area (the picture above). Also a large septic tank with an overflow tank will be built. The total amount we have spent so far is £7,541 including the project. Below you can see pictures of the work progressing on the house, the stone wall and the swimming pool.

The main house of the project
The house stripped right back
The whole where the fountain will be
The start of the underpinning
Start of the foundations
Part of the wall
Structure for the gates
The wall from the inside
The two metre high wall with an arch

Foundations for the pool
The pump section
The small house
The underpinning of the property
The making of the swimming pool
The wall almost finished apart from pointing

The total amount so far has changed to £10,791.

The piping to the pump
The piping to the pool
The front wall
Our cost at this point has gone up with £1648 so the total now is £12,439.

Below is shown the work on the underpinning outside and inside in progress.


Below are photographs of the work on the swimming pool 90% finished. Our costs have now risen to £16,010.42

The price we paid for the property was £8,460

With purchasing the property and the work up to this date the cost is £24,470.42

Below are pictures of the work on the gate, the surrounding wall and the septic tank.

Also pictures of the work on the little house by the pool, which will be used for servicing the pool.


At this point our costs have gone up with another £9,763 including a first instalment to the builders to start work on the main floor of the house and the roof construction according to the project.



The total has now come to £34,233.42.


The pictures below show the front part of the house being taken down on the instruction of the engineer and the architect. This is done because the structure of the front of the property would not carry the construction of the third floor.


The underpinning
Pipe for clean water
The second floor
Concrete with the steal
With waterproofer
Underpinning finished
Drainage for the septic tank
The ground is now leveled
Most of the windows are fixed
The front wall is now taken down
Supporting works for the extension
The cob brickwork with meshing
The floor is being dug out and strenghtened
Part of the beam construction
The original beams are now cleaned
Timber for the roof construction


Below are images from the work on the roof construction as well as plumbing on the main floor

Below are pictures from the work on the roof construction and the insulation of the house. Our costs now have gone up with another £4,035 and the total cost at this stage is £38,268.42


Below are pictures from the work on the roof construction and the rendering of the house.

Work on the tiling of the roof has started


Below are prictures from the works going on at the end of January 2007

View to the property from the street
The roof is tiled now
Work on the eaves
Work on the side stone wall
Pictures from work on the inside

On the advice of the architect the exsisting barn is being demolished and two new flats will be built in its place after permission for this is granted.

The cost at this point has gone up with another £7722 so the total is now £45,990.42


Pictures from fitting the insulation and plasterboards on the ground floor.

The cost at this point has risen with another £3,865 and the total is now £49,855.42.

Below are pictures from fitting the floor,


Fitting the windows,



Other works going on the property.


Our costs have gone up with another £1773 and the total has risen to £51,628.42


The pictures below show work the house - fitting the external doors and the surrounding wall.

The cost at this point has risen with £2044 and the total cost is now £53672.42

Below are some pictures from the surrounding wall now completed and pointing being done. Also some pictures from the interior of the house and the outside finishing works.


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