The pictures below show work on the landscaping of the garden. The area around the pool and the entrance steps are being covered with marble, a barbeque area is being built with an open diner and servicing units and a sink. The whole pool area is on a separate level with steps leading to it.

Building the steps
The barbeque
The sink and units
  The barbeque  

The pump for the pool was moved inside the little house. In the house the staircase and the bathroom are almost finished, air conditioning has been fitted.

The pool pump The bathroom
The bathroom
The stairs
Air conditioning At this point our expenses have gone up with £7867 and the total spent on the project is now £61,539.42

The pictures below are from the finishing works on the garden and the master bedroom. The cost has gone up with £6,382 and the total expense has risen up to £67,921.42. This does not include the furniture but the price of this bedroom suite is £1241.


November 2007 - the pictures below are an update on the project. They show the garden almost completed, work on the kitchen units, the ground floor living room and also the top floor, which is now liveable. Our expenses have gone up with £8,079 and the total is now £76,000.42 excluding the furniture but including the kitchen which is being made on site by our builders.


The pictures below show the house fully completed and furnished. A drainage system has been put all around the garden and the house with it being partly underground. The drainage takes all underground waters into the drainage system out in the street. In the internal design traditional Bulgarian features have been preserved. The total amount spent on this project is £99,119.

This house was purchased in 2005 and the work was completed in 2007 by the owner of the company Artcove as this is his family home. 90% of the work was done by Michae Screen as he is a qualified builder and overlooks all the projects of clients. No wages were taken out on this project for himself. We would estimate the present market value for this house is £155,000 including the fitted kitchen but without all the furnishings.


Winter views of the house and garden


In January 2010 we estimate this property being worth £170,000 without the second stage where the other two properties are being built.

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